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When To Hire An Appliance Repair Technician Rather Than Fix It Yourself February 25, 2015

In most households, people rely heavily on a variety of appliances that arguably make life more comfortable, including fridges, washers, dryers, iron boxes, cookers, ovens, and toasters. As such, when your fridge fails to work and all your food goes to waste or when your washer starts to leak and you are facing huge water bills, it is critical to consider appliance repair. More often than not, most people will first contemplate trying to fix their appliances in a bid to save money. While this might be a viable solution, in some cases, hiring an appliance repair technician is the best solution.

While you may believe that fixing a home appliance yourself will save you money, it could potentially lead to more expenses. Without the necessary expertise on repairing appliances, you are likely to guess the cause of the problem and end up tampering with your appliances causing even further damage. Fixing malfunctioning appliances is usually difficult for most people. Therefore, if you do not want to cause serious damage that would later require you to replace the appliance, you need to hire an appliance repair technician. An appliance technician will diagnose the problem correctly and use the proper tools and methods to correct it. You may not even have a toolbox, which is central to DIY appliance repair.

Granted, you can easily tighten the loose screws on your power socket, but you need to consider the potential dangers of doing it. Faulty appliances often cause fires and other injuries, especially when not handled in a proper manner. If you have a faulty appliance, your first priority should be the safety of everyone in your household. Appliance technicians know how to handle malfunctioning appliances while ensuring everyone’s safety. In fact, they use protective gear during the repairs such as protective gloves and glasses when handling electrical appliance repairs.

A broken down appliance can cause you a lot of stress and even interfere with your daily routine. It can even aggravate other problems in your life causing you distress. In such situations when you have no idea how to fix the problem, you are likely to make poor decisions and may even end up dismantling your appliance as you attempt to fix it yourself. Appliance technicians are there for you in such times and they perform the task of fixing your appliance as fast as possible to allow you resume your daily life. The appliance technician will also give you advice on how to take care of your appliance to avoid malfunctioning. Appliances often break down unexpectedly so it can be helpful knowing what to do to prevent these malfunctions.

A faulty appliance is a great inconvenience. For instance, a broken down microwave could cause you to eat a cold meal. Nevertheless, there is even a greater inconvenience when you have to take your washer or oven to a repair shop all by yourself. When you hire appliance repair technicians who offer home services, you avoid such problems. Such technicians respond immediately to your call and will even do the repairs on the same day. This option would allow you to save money on transportation and even on possible replacements if you need the appliance urgently.

Some appliances like refrigerators are difficult to repair, while its also important to hire an expert to fix your broken gas appliances as well. Most refrigerator repair technicians can get your refrigerator back up and running within an hour, if not you may need to think about buying a new unit.

Since appliance malfunctions are inevitable, hiring appliance repair technicians on contract is likely to give you unparalleled convenience. Your appliances will be taken care of any time and you will not have to worry constantly about your appliances breaking down. Appliance repair technicians also offer emergency services and can get to you even at night or on the weekends, as soon as you need them to. Without such services at hand, you are likely to panic and stress out every time your appliances malfunction.

Although you can use the DIY approach to troubleshoot minor problems with your household appliances, professional help is more often than not the best solution. If you value your appliance and are well aware of your inability to fix them properly, you should not even think about it. Good appliance repair technicians are more likely to handle your appliances with care, do the repairs effectively, and under the safest conditions. As soon as your appliance malfunctions, your next action should always be to call a professional technician whether the problem is big or small.

The above video is a Do It Yourself refrigerator repair guide. If you can’t figure it out yourself, then it might be time to pick up that phone.

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How To Find A Refrigerator Repair Technician January 31, 2015

Chances are that you have had to pick up the phone and call a refrigerator repair technician at some point, and you probably called the first one you saw in the phone book or on the search results page. If the experience was not a positive one, the following tips can help you to make sure your refrigerator problem is accurately diagnosed and fixed right the next time you have a problem.

Many appliance repair companies rely heavily on word of mouth and positive recommendations from other customers, and one of the best ways of finding a reliable and experienced company is to ask your family, friends and neighbors. Someone who has received bad service is usually quick to tell others about their experience, while a glowing report of a refrigerator repair technician probably means they went above and beyond. It’s also easy to look at customer comments and reviews online, and get some honest and helpful feedback. A local Realtor can also be a good source; many realtors can recommend reliable companies as they have them on a retainer basis.

guy fixing a broken refrigeratorOf course, you get what you pay for when it comes to having your refrigerator fixed, and the better and more established repair companies aren’t necessarily the cheapest. Most companies charge for an initial service call – be wary of those companies who don’t, or who constantly have a special offer or discount. If possible, call at least several refrigerator repair companies before making a firm decision; a good company understands that you want to shop around and compare prices and service.

One of your most important concerns is choosing a refrigerator repair company that knows the product. Some companies specialize in troubleshooting and fixing a range of appliances; a company specializing only in refrigerator repair is sometimes more likely to have the knowledge to get the job done. Two questions you may want to ask any repair company is how long they have been in business and how much training are their technicians required to undergo on a regular basis. A smaller owner operated repair company often carries out the same high quality work as the larger companies who employ dozens of technicians. If you have an old or now obsolete refrigerator, an unusual brand or a state of the art new model, you should make sure that the repair company is familiar with the brand and model that needs repairing.

There are few things more frustrating than waiting around all day for the repairman to show up, and a company guaranteeing an on time arrival time is a big plus. A reliable company will be bonded and insured and will provide a clear written guarantee for their work and any parts used in the repair. They will also explain exactly what needs to be done, and not try to confuse you or come up with other fictitious repairs. If you know of a reliable and affordable refrigerator repair technician, you may be luckier than you think as finding the right person isn’t always that easy.

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